Buckle Up, Buttercups.

Classes cancelled so students can cope with the election results. People burning flags because they didn’t get their way. We’ve become a country of soft, self-entitled pussies! 

Trump didn’t win because we’re a country full of racist, sexist, gay-bashing pigs. He won because there’s a silent majority of Americans who are tired of the sugar coated bullshit. Your feelings are hurt? Fuck your feelings. It’s a big, mean world out there. Kicking and screaming, emotional safe-zones, & unicorn flavored cupcakes aren’t going to save you. Now it’s time to buckle up and get tough before we have to rename Freedom Fries to France is Now Tougher Than Us Fries. 

 Parents, stop letting your kids suck from the tit for so long. Slap your children when they act like little punks and bitches. Teach them you don’t always get want you want & how to deal with it. Growing up, my football teams weren’t always the best, but we ate fucking nails and crabbed up steep hills. Now, hills are illegal and King of the Ring is cancelled because the losers get too upset. Bullshit. Soft parenting equals soft children. Soft children grow up to be emotionally weak adults.

 This is America. We should be gnawing on raw bacon, devouring barrels of beer, and draping ourselves in Eagle-clad ink while we show the rest of the world our 8 ft. dicks. Instead, we’re bending over, showing them our soft, fleshy, red tube socks… 

If you’re still reading this, wow, thanks, & you must be bored. Ramble on, Delco. Ramble on…

Seats are for Pussies

Seats are for Pussies

Yo #Delco! Rambo here… Welcome to my first blog, you illiterate sons of parents. Fortunately, I have a real job which pays me real money to do real work… Unlike Rambo’s Delco Radio, which is barely even a hobby and only pays me in frosty mugs at Ram’s Pizza Tavern every Wednesday at 8:00 for… Keep reading the awesomeness